Thursday, August 12, 7.15pm
Saturday, August 14, 7.15pm
Describers: Scottish Opera AD team

Edinburgh International Festival. Incorrigible rake, freeloader, past-it playboy – Sir John Falstaff needs a ruse so that he can continue his life of excess. He decides to try his luck with two of Windsor’s upstanding married women, writing them identical love letters in the hope of seducing them – and of bagging some cash from their rich husbands. But sly Alice Ford and shrewd Meg Page quickly spot his scheme and resolve to teach the drunken rogue a lesson he won’t quickly forget. Adapted from Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor, Verdi’s final opera Falstaff is a fast-paced, life-affirming comedy; a boisterous send-up of larger-than-life excess, but also an affectionate celebration of the irrepressibility of the human spirit.